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Tech4Food’s goal is to provide the best available product and service for the client’s necessities and budget. For this, we tend to provide custom made systems, and clients tend to appreciate our flexibility and availability to meet their specific needs, which goes opposite to a lot of European firms that deviate little from their established catalog or demand a large premium to do so.

This design approach also enables us to provide solutions for niche, very focused problems that clients inevitably have that other competitors either don’t tackle or suggest expensive, over-dimensioned equipment.

Onsite Contract Engineering / Project Management

Tech4Food offers project management services for client projects and for internal needs together with our associates’ network to ensure targets are achieved.

The exchange of information and real partnership with our clients allow us to fulfill their needs and deliver a complete factory project management service. We have resources to provide following services:

  • Full process know-how in beverage, dairy and water productions;
  • Process analysis and optimization;
  • Consultancy: Mechanical, Electrical, Automation, Process and Energy Saving;
  • Layout update;
  • "Right-Hand Man" of the client in his projects (defending client interests during project execution and in accordance with project / client objectives);
  • Provide an independent evaluation of budgets for client’s projects;
  • Regular reports of all work already done and planning the following tasks, so the client can follow / change the project according to their interests/needs.



Project Engineers with large Experience in dairy, beverage and water process;

Total availability for the client, we will meet him where he needs us;

Be impartial and trustworthy. In all projects our main objective is to defend the interests of the client.



Custom Project Design

  • Factory design (3D equipment drawings, pipe routing);
  • Process design (P&ID, process description, flowcharts);
  • Services media design (steam, ice water, etc.);
  • Product and people flow;
  • Market research;
  • Tender documents (equipment's data sheet, material lists);
  • Technical documentation (operation manuals, service parts list).



Turnkey Project Installation: Everything from design to the full picture

  • Development of Engineering studies concerning storage, processing, packing and end of lines;
  • Tailor-made solutions for integration into existing installations, upgrades or development of complete Turnkey projects;
  • Flexibility and dynamic professionals to ensure the requires and expectations of the client;
  • Deliver a global expertise of latest technologies and knowledge from market and internal know-how;
  • Drawings, studies and structural calculation using 2D, 3D and simulation software, all according to European Standards;
  • Fully hygienic design, with full accessibility and cleaning in mind, able to support even the most demanding client requirements (Members of EHEDG since 2014);
  • Complete electrical and automation design and installation;
  • Total transparency in the development of the project, the client can follow the project and change / approve each step;
  • Provide the commissioning and startup of the equipment, operator's training and remote maintenance;
  • Field supervision of the project development and start-up;
  • Equipment start-up / commissioning;
  • Training courses preparation.



Modular Systems

Tech4Food specializes in designing systems that will not only work as per initial request, but that can be easily adjusted or expanded depending on the client’s future needs.

This allows the client to be able to have the equipment with right capacity at every expansion stage of the plant without having to make a larger investment at first and allows for easier repurposing should it be needed elsewhere.

Process Engineering


  • Use of the most advanced technology;
  • Solutions that consider energy savings; 
  • Taylor Made solutions according to the client’s needs;
  • Flexibility to meet the expectations of the client;
  • Ensure the requirements of the client;
  • On-site monitoring of installation and start-up of supplied equipment.



  • High level of experience in Dairy, Beverage and Water Process;
  • Dynamic professionals;
  • Expertise on the latest technologies;
  • Knowledge and compliance with European legislation;
  • Experience to train the workers on-site about in the equipment’s installed.



Custom Fabrication and Installation


  • Relation Quality – Cost;
  • Customization;
  • Delivery Equipment / Projects of High Quality;
  • Can ship anywhere.


  • Experience;
  • Know-How;
  • Trustworthy;
  • Client Satisfaction is the Goal




  • Customized automation software solutions. 
  • Since simple control systems, human machine interface solutions to complex production control rooms with supervision systems, ERP connections and logging with traceability monitoring / control.
  • Possibility of supply the following services: Raw material stock management; Formulation control (ingredients); Automation control programmed; Batch traceability; Control rooms with ERP connection; Field dry tests and start-up; Training.